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About Us


Senmo Industries is one of thepioneers to introduce Polyester Slings with brand “SENMO” Polyesterlifting slings are light in weight and have good breaking strength. Theother advantages of products are they have a high resistance against alkalis, acids and salt water in general.Also it has a good resistance against heat. It takes the contour of the material being lifted reducing any excesspressure on any one point, wider bearing surface on load, better grip on load,easy to handle and is worker friendly.
The Polyester Slings are extensivelyused for lifting, material handling, anchoring and loading unloading inmanufacturing industries, continuous process lines, shipping lines andtransportation. SENMO Slingsare widely used where product demand HighSecurity from damage and abrasion .SENMO Slings are manufactured by us, i.e. SENMOINDUSTRIES from high quality,high tenacity, and durable and tested polyester fiber. The webbings are designed for strength,excellent abrasion resistance and minimum elongation.

Our Vision & Mission

Senmo Industries has extensive productrange including Multi leg Slings, Lashings, Chain and Wire rope Slings etc.etc.We have modern manufacturing units and well equipped service center. This can make rapid deliveries and provideexcellent services to meet your requirement whether they are small or large.

Our Product :-

Polyester Slings (Webbing & Round), Ratchet & Cargo Lashings , Wire Rope & Wire Rope Slings, Chain & Chain Slings , Chain & Wire Rope, Multileg Slings , Chain Pulley Block & Ratchet Lever Hoist, Turn Buckle , Wire Rope Thimble & Clamps , D & Bow Shakcles , Eye Hook, Snap Hook & Eye Bolts , Horizontal & Vertical Plate Lifting Clamp , Connecting Link, O Ring Assembly Ring & Oblong Rings , All type of Lifting Tackles

Advantages Of Our Products : -

Soft and flexible, Easy handling , No risk of damage to the valuable goods , Longer life , Lighter in weight than heavy metallic slings , Excellent substitute for metallic slings , Inter changeable Spares enables reduce maintenance time , No corrosion , Resistance to acids, Less pressure at point of contact while lifting load, Wider bear surface on load